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Supply Chain Solutions

At Trackmatic we understand that technology is an agent of change, but people are the catalyst. Our seriously smart team leverage proven technology to build and implement transformative supply chain solutions.

With our visionary mindset and relentless pursuit of excellence, we empower businesses to shape tomorrow with smarter innovation today.

How we do this

Yard Execution®

Providing operational control by integrating purchase orders, facilitating bookings and placing simplified mobile tech into the hands of yard operators and security personnel.

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On Road Execution®

Ensuring seamless management and control of First, Middle and Last Mile logistics. Drivers are empowered with tools to ensure communication and monitoring and visibility.

Supply Chain

Operating System

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System (TMS)

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Directly in the system, optimise all financial aspects related to transportation operations, including debtors, invoicing, credit notes, rates updates, and cost analysis.
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Rate Management

Rate Management

Set, compare, negotiate, and optimise carrier rates.
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Lane & Load

Lane and Load Management

Strategic planning and optimisation of lanes and loads to ensure efficient and cost-effective transportation operations.
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Control Tower

Control tower

Interconnected systems to provide full, real-time visibility and control of the entire on road execution journey. Live communication and reporting from a centralised view.

Visibility ®

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Route Management

Route Management

Advanced tool to plan and optimise the most efficient routes. Full visibility of planned vs actual route.
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Driver app voice calls to pre-set numbers, with recordings in the cloud Customer branded Automatic Delivery Notifications (ADNS) according to predetermined triggers.
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Live turn-by-turn navigation.
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Digital delivery integrated solution for real-time tracking, enhanced accuracy and reduced paperwork.

Execution ®

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Mobile tech in the hands of yard and security personnel, managing entry and exit to minimise risks.
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Yard Management

Yard Management

Integrated digital solution including booking. Visibility for yard operators, suppliers and carriers, providing real-time activity updates.
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Fleet Administration

Fleet Administration

Proactively manage all asset aspects such as maintenance and repair schedules, registration, tyres, cross border permits and rental terms.
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Fuel Management

Fuel Management

Monitor and track all fuel activity and transactions, on road or on site.

Telematics (TPS)

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OEM Telematics


Monitor, collect, and analyse live data on vehicle performance, location, and driver behaviour
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Monitor, collect, and regulate data on the temperature within refrigerated trucks, in real time.
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View live, capture, store, and analyse video footage from dashboard cameras
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Door Sensors

Door Sensors

Monitor, collect, and analyse data on the status and usage of vehicle doors. Receive automated status messages.
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Our Promise

If we don't deliver, we don't belong
No long term contracts. Cancel any time by providing 30 days written notice.

Our Niche

People-led technology enabled solutions
We put people first, going beyond ‘the usual’ to deliver the exceptional. Our seriously smart team build simplified tech to drive operational efficiency.

Our Approach

An operating system and not just a platform
Software and mobility applications manage, in real time, all yard and on road execution activities, seamlessly integrating with third party systems and devices.

Simply Smart

Since 2009, Trackmatic has been helping leading transport and logistics companies execute supply chain operations effectively and efficiently.

The Trackmatic Team strives to be not just excellent, but exceptional. We listen, we connect and we continuously deliver.


We have the energy and enthusiasm to take on any challenge, striving forward with our ‘can do’ attitude, working until we deliver more than we promised.


We care deeply about our team, our customers and their drivers. Our actions speak louder than words; we listen first and prove our commitment by acting with integrity, passion and understanding.


We collaborate, blaze new trails and continuously learn and grow in order to build the standard in service delivery and customer success.


We are compulsive value-adders, trusted to deliver and go the extra mile in every product we create and interaction we have.


Because we are no ordinary company, we consciously pursue the highest quality standards in everything that we do. We strive to be not just outstanding but exceptional.

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