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Driving the future of logistics

We are no ordinary company, we push the boundaries of what's possible and we strive to be not just excellent, but exceptional. South Africa's leading logistics companies view us as their preferred technology partner because we see things differently. We provide critical business insight and world-class software solutions that enable our clients to perfect their business flow, delight their customers and achieve operational KPIs. We listen, we connect, and we continuously deliver.

As a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner we strive to achieve the highest quality standards.

Adding value is a compulsion and the fuel that drives everything we do. We are the pathfinder - collaborating, trailblazing, constantly learning and growing in order to create technology solutions that solve industry challenges.
Delivering a better way.
The Trackmatic Universe
Trackmatic is creating a unified collaborative supply chain universe that digitally connects first, middle and last mile logistics.

From the warehouse to the yard, to the road, Trackmatic is creating solutions to digitally transform the entire supply chain eco-system, addressing all your inbound and outbound logistics needs and every touchpoint along that journey.

As your preferred technology partner, we simplify the complex world of logistics, aligning and enabling the understanding and communication of your data to create previously non-existent efficiencies. We analyse your needs and your systems, building seamless, agile and fully integrated technology solutions that address every pain point, unlocking unseen business potential.

Our technology enables improved end-to-end visibility, actionable insight, control, execution and customer delight.

We are pathfinders

We are pathfinders, it is our essence and DNA, accelerating our success.

A pathfinder is a true pioneer and catalyst. We are brave and determined to stand out from the crowd by seeking and finding unexplored paths and ways to solve complex problems.

We are trusted experts, displaying courage and commitment to seeking solutions in uncharted areas and achieve our goals by being agile and unafraid to experiment.

Our fearless leaders

  • The
    David Slotow | CEO
    Founded Trackmatic in 2009
    David is responsible for driving the innovation and strategy. He works very closely with our clients to understand what is required and how Trackmatic can evolve its solutions to make our clients more efficient.
  • The
    Ari Bender | Executive: Product
    One of the longest serving members on the team
    Ari is responsible for product excellence and strives to ensure that clients get the maximum value from their solution. Ari is at the forefront of solution delivery and our go-to-guy and knight in shining armour!
  • The
    David Bergman | Executive: Software Development
    Co-founded Trackmatic in 2009
    As both the co-founder and lead developer of Trackmatic Solutions, David has played an invaluable and integral role in the development of Trackmatic's entire product offering and technology stack.

What drives us?

  • Determination
    We have the energy and enthusiasm to take on any challenge, striving forward with our 'can do' attitude, working until we deliver more than we promised.
  • Respect
    We care deeply about our team, our customers and their drivers. Our actions speak louder than words; we listen first and prove our commitment by acting with integrity, passion and understanding.
  • Innovation
    We collaborate, blaze new trails and continuously learn and grow in order to build the standard in service delivery and customer success.
  • Value
    We are compulsive value-adders, trusted to deliver and go the extra miles in every product we create and interaction we have.
  • Excellence
    Because we are no ordinary company, we consciously pursue the highest quality standards in everything that we do. We strive to be not just outstanding but exceptional.