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Our greatest asset is our people

trackmagic goes beyond work skills, beyond qualifications

We hire smart, multitalented people - people with initiative who enjoy an open working environment, flexibility and transparency - people who take pride in doing what they do exceptionally well. The qualities they bring, their voice and input, have a meaningful impact on Trackmatic and its direction. We call it Trackmagic.
It's about an individual's perspective, insight, interests, natural ability, personality, passions and way of being. What fascinates them is what makes them fascinating human beings, what excites them is what makes them exciting to be around. We actively seek out the magic in others - it is this interchange, this sparking off each other, this sharing, that makes Trackmatic such an extraordinary place to be.

We're a close
upbeat team

That lives our culture every day. We're bold, mavericks, collaborative innovators with high standards - and we never settle for delivering less than our best. We eat lunch together, respect each other, celebrate our achievements together, drink Tequila together, and band together to support and encourage each other.