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We put the spotlight on a traditionally invisible stage of the supply chain, making the yard access controlled, transparent and fully traceable.

Our integrated system is the crucial link that aligns and improves supplier booking adherence and yard activity, creating the better flow so desperately needed.

Ultimately we offer simplified technology for yard operators that reduces truck turnaround times, improving supplier booking compliance and facilitating empowered and empirically based decision-making.


Trackmatic Vortex offers a complete end-to-end solution for your control room

What it delivers

  • End-to-end, feature-rich control room solution
  • Interactive, real-time execution dashboards for full visibility of your fleet
  • Predictive insights
  • Interactive CRM dashboard to monitor route adherence
  • Provides data around key critical touchpoints and activities across the delivery journey

How it benefits you

  • Complete end-to-end visibility of the entire delivery journey
  • Full fleet management and control
  • Enables collaboration and engagement across multiple stakeholders and departments
  • Provides context on environmental factors impacting delivery for proactive real-time decision-making
Gate Keeper

Gate Keeper

Gate Keeper
Trackmatic Gatekeeper offers you a security and access control management system

What it delivers

  • Tracks arrival and departure of vehicles
  • Tracks vehicle time on premises
  • Notifies operators of visitors and collections
  • Scans licenses to get verified information about drivers and vehicles
  • Protects against fraud and inaccurate information

How it benefits you

  • Improved security and access control
  • Gate-to-gate visibility
  • Increased accuracy, reliability and consistency of arrival and exit information
  • Minimises collection fraud
  • Improved yard flow
Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal
Trackmatic's Supplier Portal is easily accessible and gives suppliers real-time visibility

What it delivers

  • Control of booking slots
  • Real-time visibility of fleet activity in the yard
  • Online repository of delivery documentation

How it benefits you

  • Full visibility into all yard execution activity
  • Increases accuracy, reliability and consistency
  • Improves utilisation of resources
  • Better control of information
  • Minimises dwell time
  • Online repository of delivery documentation becomes available as soon as a booking has been completed
Link is an easily integrated digital solution that delivers measurable compliance and empirical metrics that highlight yard inefficiencies in real-time.

What it delivers

  • Easy-to-use, feature-rich mobile solution
  • Live real-time execution dashboards
  • Booking system
  • Execution reports and insightful business intelligence dashboards
  • Real-time activity notifications

Why it's different

  • Easy, quick and seamless integration
  • Supplier visibility for improved service delivery and an online POD repository
  • Easy-to-use and quick to implement
  • Compliant data security and confidentiality
  • Live gate-to-gate and end-to-end yard visibility

How it benefits you

  • Faster truck turnaround times (loading and offloading)
  • Reduced gate-to-gate times
  • Improved supplier booking compliance
  • Reduced overtime and costs
  • Agile and reliable operational control